Hi, and - welcome!

(even entered by mistake!)

Our paths do not always go in the right direction. Sometimes they even intersect, so don't worry at all. The apocalypse did not happen in that you were mistakenly found in a foreign land, which is not even mine, after all. Take a break.

We don't serve tea or coffee, but look around until you find out where you are and take a deep breath, and then go to let your eyes light up.

All the roads are open to you except the one that you can close...

Here I am, partially, this is my square, more or less. This is - what it is and I am - what I am. Well, I’m dardan. Dardan...

If you insist on more, then explore, browse a little, read and listen, look and try: you’ll find here not only biography and origin, since everyone has them, but there is also music and poetry, jokes and knowledge, plans and opportunities - cool.


And now? Since you decided to travel along, choose where you want to go!

Please respect the copyrights! If you wish to use some of the writings within those sites, please contact me in advance at dardan@shkreli.net. Thank you!